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Reflection of dispersed soul; hidden for years

In Bangladesh, Hijra is a social group, where people are defined either as transsexual or as men who become women by adopting womanhood. They express themselves through cross-dressing. Whatever destiny has given them they can’t change but at least they can expect acceptance in our society.


When I decided to work on the Third Gender I found a resemblance between broken mirror and their life.


In my photo series, the red background in the broken mirror image is the symbol of the colorful world, which doesn’t accept them. The broken mirror is the symbol of the disparity between body and mind. The reality of their shattered dreams is like the broken mirror.


On the other hand, by adopting womanhood they try to forget all their abuses and tortures and stay happy but they do not get acceptance in our society. Our cruel society shuts door for them. The black background reflects this feeling.


I wanted to explore their life just to make my viewers understand that the third genders are like normal human beings who need empathy rather than sympathy.

Inner soul

Mind and soul are two concepts that are closely related yet very distinct from one another. The soul is the spiritual nature of humankind and is thought to be separable from the body at death. The mind is man’s consciousness that starts in the brain.


The human mind is the most powerful part of our existence whereas our soul is the most sensitive one. Our soul is prisoner in the boundaries of the body. But with the help of the imagination power of the mind the soul can break free. But sometimes my mind cannot support my soul due to social barrier or surroundings and eventually, the inner soul outburst and screams with expression of pain and anger. Even these screams cannot reach to anyone else; cause a soul cries in silence. I tried to portray the pain of my soul and mind through series of photographs called "inner soul".

The story of an entangled affair
Freedom beyond the cage