The story of an entangled affair

Bede people have a long history in our country. For decades, they used to travel through the rivers and canals of Bangladesh. Now-a-days, due to decrease of river ways, they are losing their travelling life. Although some Bedes still live in boats due to old habit but they don’t travel anymore. Most of them live in camps on encroached land or rented houses. They are famous for their entertaining activities and charming characters. Charming people with snake is the prime source of their earning. 

We all get scared with the name of the snake. But when I went closer to the Bede people and got to know them better, I realized there is a different melody between the Bede people and their snakes. They respect the snakes and treat them as their family members! They understand each other’s need so heartedly that life became fearless for the Bede people. 

Bede people claim that they have magical power, which they believe they use to make the snakes obedient. In my series i have used the black background to showcase their belief. Also as their belief and lifestyle is very much inspired from this magical power i did not try to separate the human figure from the background so that the viewer can also feel the strength of their magic.

Snakes are mostly a colorful reptile. Bede people also love to wear colorful dress. It seems the harmony in their lives also gets reflected through their choice of life style. The intimacy is so pure between the Bede people and their snake it is almost impossible to describe. I just tried to frame their intimacy with the snakes through my photography.